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Proofs that NATO already break UN resolution many times, and is responsible for crime against humanity:
  1. Troops on ground  
As Moussa Ibrahim confirms in his speech on 09/18/2011:
“Moussa Ibrahim: We confirm the arrest of 19  NATO soldiers,15 British,2 French and 1 from an Asian country ( we cant know this moment what country he comes from ).
Captured french soldiers in  Bani Walid: Jaques monse:35 - alan abano:29 - Mark moren:31 / SAS - Henry richardson:26 - Ryan kirk:37 –
We will surprise them ,we will go out from the sand ,the sand will fight with us.“
Video of Moussa Ibrahim speech:
This is another evidence of the participation of NATO ground troops on the territory of Libya :
  1. Videos bombing of houses - against the law & UN resolution 1973

NATO bombed the hospital in Sirte. Immobile eldery patients, new born babies and their mothers, bed – ridden children, wounded soldiers with imputated arms and legs – all of them were murdered. Was that a legitimate target?

NATO bombed the residential area in Sirte. The whole families, grannies, parents, children were murdered at sleep. The corps of killed civilians so carbonated they are unrecognizable. Was that a legitimate target?

NATO carpet bombed the streets of Sirte. More than 2000  innocent, unarmed, common people were murdered. People like the one you and I meet when we go to the supermarket in the morning. They’ll see no more sun rise. Were they a legitimate target?

Did NATO bomb Sirte for democracy sake?
If so, to hell with such democracy!
Their democracy brings DEATH to the innocent!
Their democracy is only a pretty name for GREED, ROBBERY and SAVAGENESS !
Death should be a just sentence for those who murder the innocent in the name of such “democracy”.


STOP new UN resolution in LIBYA, DEADLINE: 19th September


The United Nations Security Council mandate which allowed NATO to commit genocide in Libya runs out on the 19 September, and the Council will vote again on that date.
If they vote against NATOs continued presence in Libya, NATO will have to pull out, if they vote for the blood bath will continue indefinetly. It is of vital importance that we lobby the UNSC now, we only have 6 days to influence their descision.
I have emialed the bodies named below this morning. (Email contacts curtesy of Libya SOS). Please take the time to copy and paste this list into your email recipients box, you can send the email I sent, or you can write you own.

This is the link to Libya SOS http://libyasos.blogspot.com/
They have posted daily reports on the Libyan conflict, and have offered great advice and up to date information.

this link will tell you who your Euro MP is, I will be calling all 3 Northern Ireland Euro Mps today, you can email or call them.

This link is to the facebook Page I started last night. "We Love Jamahiriya", is to show support for the Libyan people at this time, and hopefully educate the world about their political system which the MS press has so mis-represented. Jamahiriya translated means "State of the masses", the people effectivly rule themselves. please hit the like button.


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Get NATO out of Libya NOW!
SANDRA BARR7 <xxxxxxxxxx.com> </xxxxxxxxxx.com>
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I have watched with absolute horror and disgust the war crimes NATO is committing in Libya. They got a mandate to go in there under false pretences, and propaganda was presented as facts to get the warrants on Saif Al-Islam and Muammar Gaddafi. They do not intend having a trial for Saif al-Islam and Muammar, as they know the two will be found not guilty, there is no evidence against them, so they intend murdering them. NATO has put a million dollar bounty of Gaddafi's head, wanted dead or alive! The rebels/Al Qaeda have been ordered to shoot Saif al-Islam on sight! Is this how NATO, the EUSC and ICC operate? Is this the Wild West?

NATO would try and have us believe that they intervened on humanitarian grounds, as they believed the legitimate forces of Libya were going to commit genocide, this was lies, but based on these lies NATO have went in, and they have committed genocide! They have dropped over 50,000 Uranium bombs, they have bombed hospitals, Universities, Schools, the water supply, electricity supply, food stores and thousands of civilian homes. They have broken every conceivable international law, they currently have the people of Sirte and Bani Walid under siege, depriving them of water, food and medical supplies. They are being bombed 24/7 by NATO. I have no words which would adequately sum up my feelings for NATO's war crimes in Libya!

I have powerful evidence that NATO and their cohorts have been planning this invasion for a year at the very least, they pre-meditated this crime, and then used the Al Qeada/rebels as a trigger to stage the actual invasion. For a year before hand their cohorts in the Libyan investment fund transferred all Libya's overseas investments into banks in NATO controlled countries. This is just one snipped of evidence which proves premeditation. Believe me, I have a lot more!

The UN mandate which allowed them into Libya transpires on September 19, it is of vital importance that this is not renewed, NATO have already violated their current Security Council resolution in every conceivable manner, they must be ordered out of there at once, so as human rights groups, medical help and other concerned parties can get into Libya, help the people, and document the scale of the NATO war crimes.

The mandate which allowed NATO in was that they believed Gaddafi forces, which are in effect the legitimate armed forces of the Libyan people, were about to commit genocide, this was quickly proven to be a lie, and their real motive became clear when they announced they were there to enforce regime change. As over 90% of the population supported the system they had, this effectively meant they were at war with over 90% of the population!

As NATO have bombed town after town, they report that the towns contained Gaddafi loyalists, this is because the majority of the population is Gaddafi loyalists, the massacre's that NATO have carried out beggar belief, and even as I write the towns of Bani Walid and Sirte are being bombed relentlessly by NATO! 

I wont even start with the Al Qeada links, and the consequences of NATO arming Islamic fundamentalists to the gills! 
I am currently in talks with two sets of international lawyers with a view to indicting NATO for their war crimes, as it is the ICC and UN security Council are implicated in the execution of their crimes, so I would strongly advise, in fact I would demand, that the UNSC votes against allowing NATO to remain in that country!

Should the EUSC vote on the 19 September and allow NATO to continue their war crimes, the UNSC will be held accountable, and be investigated along with NATO as accomplices. This crime was pre-meditated, that can be easily proven, NATO had CIA operatives and other special forces on the ground in Libya long before Al Qeada started attacking the police stations and Military bases in Libya. 

Stop this travesty now, get NATO out of Libya now, and stop giving the Libyan peoples money to every Tom, Dick Harry and Terrorist, that money belongs to the Libyan people, and when order is restored those who carved it up will have to return it!

Letter is written by: Sandra Barr