09/02/2011 Gaddafi's Speech

the name of God the Merciful
first of all i Congratulating you for Eid Alfeter Almubark , and i read Quran for our martyrdom whom give their blood for our land and they still give blood for Libya to not to be colony to France or to the trait...ors or anybody else from the crusaders , I tell you the colony will be finished and also the traitors , Traitors and agents can't continuous because they don't have ability don't have Supporters , they are agents to the colony and the colony unaccepted to the people , Now NATO is being destroyed and they are looking for exist , the Power of people can't be handed to them , women can't handed to them , Libyan people want to rule theirselves , martyrdom can't be forgotten , tribes who lost their sons can't forget this , you want to rule Libyan people ? are they animals to rule them ? they will be finished to soon , you have to Continued resistance , Tripoli have to Continued resistance in every area of Tripoli , attack their chick point , and do chick point as they do , every tribe have to control an area in Tripoli and youth too , and make chick point in streets , don't fear them , you are millions so attack them from everywhere , who can control the armed Alnwahi Alrabaa ? who can control Warshfanaa tribe ? they will never can , Who can control the armed Ben Walled ? who can control the armed Sirte , now all tribes is armed , Ben walled , Sirte , Sabha , Aljfarah , Misurata , who aren't armed ? our brothers in Barqa ( east ) and we can't got them their , who can contol Ben Waled or Almashashia Tribe ? without permissions of these tribes you can't cross , you are armed make it hell to them , of course the enemy have Advanced technology they don't want you to listen to my voice and they destroyed our TV , and they fear of my voice , it's so dangerous to the conlony to hear me , if we contact with tribes that's dangerous on colony and the agents of colony , but this is all improve that the enemy is weak , if they are not weak they will not bomb the TV and they will allow us to contact with each other , and they afraid of our tribes to be in contact , this is all improve that they are weak , and only to impose you to watch they channels , this is improve that they are weak , they why they are afraid of my voice to be listened by Libyan people ? because they are weak and afraid , this is a trick , all what you are listening is lies , false , let it long war until we win , they can't rule libya because we are armed , they have to Surrender front of Libyan people , they don't have anything only agents , the colony will not be here always it will be finished soon , NATO willn't protect those agents all life , they want you to afraid because they don't have breath , they cut all communications because they don't have breathe , they made this plan to occupy oil and our Land . So don't give up to those agents .

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