كلمة القائد معمر القذافي1-9-2011

‎"Traitors can not be respected,they will be finished.
There are too many problems beetween the traitors and NATO!
Libyans willl not surender and will not accept to be governed like animals.
NATO is afraid of Libyans, thats why they destroyed everything, bombed the phone lines, TV station, they thought that they will silence our voice,but they failed, we will fight them in every city and village, we are not afraid!
They are even afraid of my voice, only my voice.. we will not give Libya to France just like that, we will fight we will make them spend & spend & spend until they are gone.
Libyans need to fight, they need to fight very strongly, don't give up,,, those traitors are cowards, they will run away if you keep on fighting.
Fight will go on and the traitors will surender because they don’t have enough people to support them, Libyan tribes will never surrender."

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